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Advisory Services

Healthcare Advisory Services

We’re not just an IT services company that decided to get into healthcare. We're a healthcare company that specializes in IT. Our comprehensive healthcare advisory services offer a broad base of solutions to help you accomplish your IT initiatives.

Optimize your hospital’s IT investment

Our team of strategic IT advisors, with extensive hospital IT business and technical experience, is available to facilitate the following, with the goal of helping your hospital optimize its IT investments and resources and reduce your information security risks:
  • Strategic IT planning
    The strategic plan breaks down recommendations into specific action items and projects. 
  • CPOE readiness assessments 
    Evaluates the current status of your CPOE effort. In every stage of Meaningful Use, the bar is raised: first 30% of orders must be electronic, then 60%, soon 80%. And it's the only requirement that physicians have to adopt and perform themselves.
  • Meaningful Use consultation
    Helps you navigate requirements that have to be interpreted and researched deeply. You shouldn't have to deal with providing optimum patient care - and figuring out where you stand all by yourself.
  • Information security and risk assessments 
    An essential part of IT strategic planning, since the 2003 HIPAA Security Rule set out guidelines that must be met. Cyber attacks and data breaches are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated, since hospitals present a rich target for hackers. 

Advice and Support
“What I see is the support that we need and are getting, in things like evaluating our vendor selection, having a really excellent understanding of what is our technical system capability, where do we need better redundancy, where do we need better system infrastructure, how’s our core switching capacity, what is the physical environment of safety around our systems, and are they adequately protected? In all of those arenas we have had a significant relationship with CareTech.  And it’s given us, I think, that technical expertise along with a broader vision of the strategy around IT to partner with us. So we feel like we’re actually headed in a clear, aligned, strategic effort around IT that supports the rest of our hospital – rather than kind of being out there on our own, hoping we’re making the right decision, and frankly, spending an enormous amount of money in an area where we didn’t have the confidence we needed.”

Russ Johnson, President and CEO, San Luis Valley Medical Center

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