CableCare™ Cabling Services

Strengthen the backbone of your hospital's IT infrastructure.

Are your hospital's IT implementations requiring you to upgrade, expand or relocate your IT infrastructure?
Call on CareTech Solutions' CableCare team for a full range of structured cabling services. Our professional teams design and install solutions for the most advanced high-speed communications available.

Get maximum service with minimal disruption.

Every project is customized to your facility's needs to meet budget and scheduling requirements. And because CableCare works every day in the 24x7x365 hospital environment, its professionals understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to administrative and clinical operations.

Untangle complexity in a cabling solution.

The CableCare team has the expertise and experience to handle even the most complex voice, wireless, data and fiber optic cable installation.
  • Certified installers average 10 years of experience
  • Management has 25+ years of experience designing complex structured cabling infrastructures
  • Installations are compliant with TIA/EIA, IEEE and NEC building codes and standards

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