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CareTech is committed to conducting its business in compliance not only with applicable law but with the highest ethical standards. In furtherance of that goal, CareTech has established a Compliance Hotline accessible by CareTech employees, vendors, and suppliers. You can call the Compliance Hotline at 1-800-836-1091.

The Compliance Hotline

The Compliance Hotline is a voicemail box to be used for reporting an actual or suspected violation of law or corporate policy by a CareTech employee, officer, director, agent, representative, or subcontractor.

If you are aware of any such violation or suspected violation, please immediately call the Compliance Hotline at 1-800-836-1091 and make a report. You will hear a recorded message asking you to leave a detailed account of the actual or suspected violation of law or corporate policy.
It would be helpful to any subsequent investigation if you left contact information as part of your message, but you may leave the message anonymously. You will not speak to a live person. You will not be questioned about your report.

The CareTech Corporate Compliance Officers will, as appropriate, investigate all reports made through the Compliance Hotline and take
such remedial action as may be required.

NOTICE: The Compliance Hotline will record the number from which a
call is made. If you do not wish the number so recorded, please press
*67 before dialing.