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Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

We’re not just an IT services company that decided to get into healthcare

Our in-depth knowledge of hospitals gives us a unique understanding of how to best manage healthcare information technology. Our hospital IT services aren’t “off-the-shelf.” Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we provide scalable IT services that cater to the unique needs of each
hospital and healthcare system.

We’re a healthcare company that specializes in IT

We recognize that inside hospitals, seconds matter, decisions are critical and life can change in an instant. When everything is on the line you must insist that your hospital IT partner operates with the same immediacy and sensibility that you do.

Above and beyond the industry standard

Whether you are looking for a partner to manage day-to-day IT operations, or you just need a supplemental IT solution, our IT services have earned us industry recognition. In fact, we were named number one extensive IT outsourcing company by KLAS for four years in a row. Our approach ensures the most efficient and effective hospital IT operations while never losing sight of what’s most important – providing extraordinary patient care, above and beyond the industry standard.

A Relationship that Gives Back
“I guess what I’ve appreciated from CareTech Solutions at a corporate level is that, unlike a lot of healthcare IT companies, they have become a partner, and they are extremely helpful for us in our community activities as we step outside and have relationships with our communities. They’ve been active in helping support management development, supporting educational forums, and trying to educate us, as well as being a great partner in our fundraising activities. They’ve been an excellent sponsor and a gracious donor. And once again, I think that’s part of the relationship where they give back. I realize that when they give back to Garden City Hospital, they give back to the community. We do have a lot of fun, such as a few golf outings and things like that with the CareTech people. It’s not just a relationship built on a contract; it’s built on people relationships. And I’ve been pleased to see CareTech grow and provide some good references in the past. That’s a confirmation that we’ve made a good decision, that other people also recognize the value of their services.”

Gary Ley, President and CEO, Garden City Hospital


        Annual Report 2013