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Healthcare IT Outsourcing

As an industry-leading healthcare IT outsourcing company, CareTech Solutions offers custom IT outsourcing packages for hospitals. Behind the bits, bytes, servers and applications, are human beings who create, use, or in some way experience the IT systems that run a hospital.

Customize your hospital IT outsourcing solutions

CareTech Solutions provides custom IT outsourcing solutions for regional hospitals, community healthcare networks, university hospital systems, and enterprise healthcare institutions. Our veteran team is experienced in the procedures, protocols and processes used by hospital systems nationwide.

Leverage proven expertise and resources

CareTech healthcare IT outsourcing clients receive the expertise
and resources needed to increase the efficiency of healthcare system management. Simply put, we provide the expertise and resources
you need, when you need them.

Understanding a Hospital's Needs
“We’ve been with CareTech for over 10 years, and at that time it was just a perfect match. CareTech was a young company, there was some risk involved, but I think we understood their history. They worked with a local hospital, and we were in need of some very specific expertise – hospital IT outsourcing. IT is one of those areas where it’s very hard for an independent organization to stay on top, what with all the changes that are constantly going on with the technology. After a good investigation, we made the decision to outsource IT, rather than try and maintain it inside. We liked the people at CareTech, and we liked what they had done at a couple of other places. We felt comfortable with the technology and the processes and with the people at CareTech. Their focus on healthcare IT outsourcing was absolutely a factor. We wanted somebody to understand our needs as a hospital and as a healthcare provider, and that’s what CareTech did. The people there had a history of understanding healthcare and could communicate with our clinical people and meet their needs. But they also had the technology background to interface with the various vendors that are out there selling. It was a good company that we got involved with.”

Gary Ley, President and CEO, Garden City Hospital

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