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Meaningful Use Consultation

Meaningful Use Consultation for Hospitals

Not sure where you are on the road to meaningful use? CareTech Solutions consultation services for hospitals can help get you there.

Receive your hospital’s maximum incentive

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) has become the most important IT buzz-word for meaningful use in healthcare today. In order for you to receive the maximum incentives available under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), appropriate technologies and processes need to be in place.

Achieve your ARRA goals

With access to a team of healthcare IT professionals, many averaging twenty-plus years of experience, we can help you to effectively use IT to achieve your ARRA goals.

CareTech as an integral partner toward Meaningful Use
"There have been so many new requirements and challenges placed on hospitals, with new visions of what the government is expecting from hospitals, relative to IT. CareTech was one of the first to really analyze what these new requirements and regulations would be, and to help put together a plan for The Christ Hospital to meet all the new regulations and requirements. I have to say, I’m very confident with CareTech as our partner, and by our side, that we are well-positioned to meet all of the new standards and actually to exceed what the expectations are with healthcare IT."

Susan Croushore, President and CEO, The Christ Hospital

Getting where you need to be with Meaningful Use
“As we look toward Meaningful Use in healthcare in our organization, considering the legislation that’s out there and the still-uncertain rules that are being written to demonstrate compliance, we value very much the relationship with CareTech as our outside eyes and as folks who have their fingers on the pulse of what’s coming out of Washington. That gives us a greater assurance that what we’re going now will, in fact, meet the regulations that come out, so we have an advance notice on that. It’s been great. You can’t get to where you need to be for Meaningful Use in a month or a year or two or three years or even five in a lot of cases. The applicants have to be carefully sequenced, deeply researched, effectively installed and the training has to be exquisite for all that to happen. And I think that a smaller organization like ours, advanced as we are, does need outside assistance to help us scale up for that kind of effort, and we’re positioned really, really well for it. It’s been a great partnership in that regard. ”

Mark Herzog, President and CEO, Holy Family Memorial Hospital

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