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IT Services

"In just two short years, the CareTech team has dramatically elevated our IT infrastructure performance while always managing to the needs of our health system. They are one of only a few vendors I consider a true partner – regularly going above what’s written in the contract."

Peter Chalke
President and CEO
Central Maine Medical Family

"CareTech's intimate knowledge of how hospitals run, combined with their health IT expertise, is our competitive advantage. CareTech focuses on healthcare - and Oakwood Healthcare reaps the benefits!"

Brian Connolly
President and CEO
Oakwood Healthcare, Inc.
Dearborn, Michigan

“Leveraging our ten years of a successful IT help desk, we chose to go with CareTech Solutions’ for our physician-only support hotline. Having a clinician-specific help desk was extremely important, since we wanted to use it as a key tool to help us improve physician satisfaction and ultimate loyalty to Oakwood.”

Paula Smith
Senior Vice President and CIO
Oakwood Healthcare, Inc.
Dearborn, Michigan

"CareTech handles it all, from strategic IT leadership and resource planning, to running Holy Family Memorial’s day-to-day IT operations. With CareTech as our IT partner, my leadership team can stay focused on what’s really important – providing the highest levels of patient care."

Mark Herzog
President and CEO
Holy Family Memorial

"Our vision statement is to provide outstanding healthcare services, which is passed on to everybody … and CareTech is all about helping extraordinary people, which they hire to do extraordinary things."

"To really succeed on a major project you have to have a buy-in from the end users - and the foundation for getting them to buy in, is the Service Desk."

"CareTech has the tools in place, they know how to do this and they can deal with multiple calls coming in that I would struggle with, so I see this as long-term."

Bruce Kelly
Mercy Memorial Hospital System

"With CareTech Solutions managing Garden City Hospital's Information Technology department, my IT budget works twice as hard! … We needed somebody who could understand our needs as a hospital and as a healthcare provider, and that’s what CareTech had. The people there had a history of understanding healthcare and could communicate with our clinical people and meet the needs they have, but they also had the technology background to interface with the various vendors that are out there.”

Gary Ley
President and CEO
Garden City Hospital
Garden City, Michigan

Web Products & Services

"It was a few years ago when we started our search for a CMS provider. Our site was not built on a CMS before, so we really had no idea what to look for. We reviewed at least 8 other offerings before selecting CareTech’s solution because of overall value. Today, I am still confident we made a wise choice, but I believe the value we have in CareTech is its people behind the CMS, even more so than the technology. I couldn’t ask for a better team to support our website."

“(SEO) was a great collaborative effort. I don’t think we could’ve done it without (our SEO partner) working directly with CareTech and with us. It was a combination of the strategy, experience, and then the technical knowledge of making the changes that worked well together.”

Dave Stanis
Director, Digital Communications
Oakwood Healthcare
Strategic Communications & Planning

"INTEGRIS Health was laboring with an outdated CMS. We needed a robust solution to move us forward and to ensure our organization remained the online leader in our market. After researching at least eight different products we ultimately decided on CareTech solutions because of the features offered in CareWorks CMS as well as CareTech’s experience in the health care industry."

Todd Stogner
New Media Manager

"Hendricks launched the Employer Wellness Clinics to help non-profit companies get the most from their healthcare dollars. The online scheduling tool is considered our “holy grail” because it connects employees to Hendricks in real-time. During the Web application development, CareTech was key in providing insightful user experience feedback to ensure that the application was performing as planned. CareTech guided us in ensuring security and confidentiality for employees’ personal information and remains a critical member of our marketing process to make sure that our patients’ experience remains front and center."

Carrie Meyer
Public Relations Manager
Hendricks Regional Health

"We needed to find a vendor who could offer a system that is flexible, easy to use and affordable, but we also wanted a knowledgeable and attentive staff. Our search led us to CareTech. Now our new site offers so much more to our patients, and we value how it feeds our business goals. The icing on the cake is that the site has won multiple awards."

Becky Wardzala
Public Relations Manager
Hendricks Regional Health

"What I like about working with CareTech is that they know their business very well, and they have a well-defined procedure for every step of developing/redesigning a Web site. The people we have worked with have been very thorough in their approach and are very knowledgeable. If they don’t have an answer, they follow up and get the answer. I always felt that we were in good hands with CareTech."

Denice Connel
Director of Marketing and Community Relations
Mercy Iowa City

"CareTech has been doing pretty much everything, keeping us in the loop and handling it all. It’s so nice to know that I can hand over a project so big and know that someone will get everything done on time and do a good job of it."

Diane High
Manager, Publications and Website
Broward Health

Document Imaging & Management

"Before iDoc, it was difficult. Then once I got into using iDoc, it was fine. I was afraid that it would be hard to use – but it’s not. I was comfortable with the system by the second or third use. I’m just a lot happier with the iDoc system than I thought I’d be."

Dr. Judith Edge, D.O.
Specialist in Internal Medicine
Garden City Hospital

"iDoc has helped tremendously with accessing records and with supporting continued care. Physician satisfaction has definitely improved – just the other day one of the physicians who was most resistant to the change told me how much he appreciates iDoc for its ease of use, and that completing his charts is much easier than wading through paper charts.

"Before iDoc we were consistently in a backlog of about eight days with processing records. Now we’re processing them actually on the day of discharge! Our coding A/R is consistently four days, and we wouldn’t want to go any lower than that because of charge entry.

"The iDoc Team provides great support and resources based on what we need – for instance, technical support if we’re having issues with a scanner, new workstation or interface; HIM assistance when we think about changing a process and want to implement additional workflow, generating physician letters, reports, etc.

"iDoc was and is the perfect solution for Hi Desert."

Sharon Kolch, BS, RHIT, CDIP
Health Information Management Consultant
Hi-Desert Medical Center