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CareWorks Content Management System

CareWorks™ Website Content Management System

CareTech Solutions’ CareWorks™ content management system (CMS) is designed and built especially for hospitals and healthcare systems. More powerful, flexible and easier to use than ever, it has the essential content management functionality hospitals all over the country use to deliver engaging, patient-friendly websites.

Spend less time and manage Web content more efficiently

No more waiting on ad agencies or IT support. With CareWorks CMS you control the content that keeps your patients, physicians and community connected. We can help you transform your website using interaction, rich media and self-service functions that improve customer satisfaction, increase market share and lower costs.

Transform your hospital’s online presence

With a track record of providing award-winning hospital websites, CareWorks hospital website content management system has proven to be a powerful, dependable, flexible platform.
  • Promotes brand identity
  • SEO-friendly
  • HIPAA compliant and PCI certified
  • Minimal training needed
  • Unparalleled service and support
Improve user engagement and productivity with ready-to-use modules

CareWorks hospital website content management system offers more than 20 modules that can be integrated into the system and added as necessary to extend its functionality. The self-service modules offer all the speed and convenience consumers have come to expect from an optimal online experience. Your visitors can pay bills, make donations, find doctors, request appointments and so much more with the utmost in privacy and security.

Sample CareWorks modules and functions:
  • Online Bill Pay - patients can securely submit payment, and if desired, view a summary or detailed breakdown of their account
  • Find a Physician – allows patients to search for a physician by last name, specialty, group affiliation, city, or other custom fields
  • Patient Pre-Registration - directly receives patient pre-registration forms online
  • Directory Builder - provides the ability to dynamically create, manage and publish collections of information
  • Class and Event Registration – provides the ability to publish classes and events and enables patient/visitor registration
  • Forms Builder - allows non-technical content administrators to build custom forms, surveys and polls

Selected technical and administrative features:
  • Developed in the latest Microsoft .NET framework
  • Open API – gives developers access to build and integrate custom applications into CareWorks
  • Cross-browser compatibility – supports most modern browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • Multi-site Support – support multiple sites within a single installation of CareWorks
  • Scheduled Publishing – allows users to control when content will be published and unpublished
  • Expandable bandwidth to accommodate rich media
  • Interface with clinical applications
  • Built-in staging functionality allows users to make changes/revisions without affecting the production site
  • Multimedia Capability – CareWorks’ Media Gallery allows site administrators to upload and present photos, animations, slideshows and banners, while the Video Library displays videos throughout the site in a searchable, YouTube™-like format.

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  • Proud partner with more than 200 hospitals and health systems across the U.S.

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