Identity and Access Management

The peace of mind of providing a safe work environment.

CareTech’s Identity and Access Management services offer the convenience of 24-hour end-user access management that protects your employees as well as your patient data.

Enjoy a secure, automated process that is tailored to your workflow and designated approval processes.

Account creation gives you the ability to grant clearances and rights to employees in a timely manner. Modification capabilities allow you to add and subtract duties and access rights without changing the job descriptions contained in the original template.

In the event of an employee’s termination, access rights can be revoked within an hour with immediate turn-around time given to all urgent requests. All account closures are fully documented to meet all compliance and security audit requirements.

Our dedicated team administers centralized credentialing services.

CareTech’s Identity and Access Management team is certified on all major platforms and specifically trained to provide the 24/7 security oversight that your business and clinical applications require. With their “Whatever IT Takes” approach, you’ll enjoy improved service levels that have the flexibility to deliver real-time answers to all portal questions.