Integrationand Interoperability

The best interface solution is the one that starts with you.

We collaborate with your staff to provide a customized solution that aligns with your workflows and meets all compliance requirements

Optimize the exchange of data throughout your
hospital and beyond

The new age of healthcare delivery has put increasing pressure on hospitals and health systems to share disparate information between departments and external organizations. With CareTech’s Integration and Interoperability Services, you’ll get the expert support and interface engine development that delivers secure, real-time data with everyone across your continuum of care.

The cost-effective way to connect all your systems

Why pay for an expensive interface for every application when you can get a single point of distribution that customizes and routes data to all of your receiving systems? With an interface engine from CareTech Solutions, you’re getting industry-leading design and implementation expertise that delivers maximum performance while minimizing costly disruptions.

Flexible support options to meet your unique needs
and budget

At CareTech, we understand the difficulty of filling hard to find integration support positions. That’s why we offer a variety of solutions to match your needs and bottom line. Whether you’re looking for a partial FTE or dedicated long-term support, you can be sure that our resources have the experience and expertise to integrate seamlessly with your staff and deliver the answers you need ensure a reliable flow of data.

Start getting the right data to the right people---faster

A partnership with CareTech provides 24x7x365 access to a team with the extensive experience developing interface engines needed to ensure success. Each solution is fully backed with their “whatever IT takes” approach to customer service. With our Integration and Interoperability Services, you won’t just be just enhancing the way you share information, you’ll be transforming the way you deliver care.