Secured HealthcareRecovery Cloud

Have a plan in hand before you need it.

Your challenge is to protect your hospital’s data and ensure the security and integrity of patient information. In a disaster, whether natural or man-made, your hospital can’t afford unavailable or lost data. We can help you reduce the risk.

The days of basic disaster recovery plans are gone.

Having a solid disaster recovery program has moved up the priority list. Patient care is creating enormous amounts of data, which must be available 24x7x365, to ensure clinical outcomes and maintain a healthy financial condition.

At the same time, requirements for healthcare reform, including HIPAA and Meaningful Use, have raised the regulatory bar consequences of non-compliance.

A complete solution for a seamless recovery.

CareTech Solutions offers a full suite of disaster recovery services to help you meet your hospital’s recovery objectives. Our expert teams bring the business and technical knowledge needed to architect and implement a flexible, reliable and cost-effective disaster recovery solution to ensure your data is available following any type of disaster.
  • Disaster recovery assessment services
  • Disaster recovery plan development services
  • Storage replication services
  • Hot site recovery center services
  • Disaster recovery testing services

How does your hospital define disaster recovery?

“In the old days, our recovery time objective would be somewhere between 24 to 72 hours. With a warm site, we bring down one machine, then bring up the other machine, and just change our network pointers. We go from 24-hour capability to about 24 minutes.”

Don Beyer
Former Director, Technical Services
Oakwood Healthcare

Designed and built exclusively for healthcare.

CareTech Solutions has a solid track record of working closely with its hospital clients to design better approaches to disaster recovery as their technology and needs change. Working with CareTech, you’ll benefit from tried and tested solutions that match your recovery needs for keeping data backed up, protected and accessible.