CareTech and American Hospital Association (AHA) Executive Dialogue Series 

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  • AHA Executive Dialogue Series provides executive level insights on the biggest trends impacting hospital and health systems. Know from industry leaders on how they leverage technology to improve care delivery and patient experience.

Performance Excellence- Using Advance Technologies to Personalise the Patient Experience -March 2020

Challenged by new market entrants and other disruptors that seek to attract new health care consumers and encroach on existing patient-provider relationships, hospitals and health systems are looking to provide a digital health care experience that is ubiquitous and seamless, more affordable and integrated into patients’ lives.

Performance Excellence Using Intelligent Process Automation - December 2019

Explore the ways hospitals and health systems can apply advanced technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), bots, voice technology and robotic process automation (RPA) to improve provider-patient interactions, engagement and outcomes.

Reduce Clinician Burnout + Improve Patient Interactions - September 2019

Eliminate clinician burnout by reducing burdensome tasks through AI, machine learning and RPA. Assist clinicians by removing repetitive, replicable and routine tasks, free up physicians’ time, allowing them to spend more time with patients.