Secure data storage for sunset or legacy IT systems

iDoc™ Archive

Facing the challenge.

The rapid innovation of healthcare technology has rendered many systems obsolete, yet the need to retain the data on them remains. The expense of maintaining historical information on outdated systems goes beyond taxing your budget. It ties up your IT department with unnecessary support issues and takes up storage space. Having to access multiple systems to get the information they need frustrates your end-users and affects patient care delivery.
iDoc can help you outsmart the challenges by decommissioning your legacy forays.

One powerful, comprehensive solution.

Get the data management platform that preserves and consolidates all of your critical electronic records and data into a secure and globally accessible archive. With the iDoc Archive, multiple data sources can be consolidated within a single platform for easy and intuitive management. Migrating and converting generated report data, documentation files and image-based files are safe and effective using iDoc.

Advanced capabilities.

Get ahead and stay ahead of the data storage and retrieval challenge with iDoc Archive’s advanced capabilities:
  • Read-only Web-based access
  • Intuitive UI tools and functionality (search, print, fax, email, and export)
  • Client-configurable permission sets
  • Client-configurable folder and document organization
  • Full audit trail reporting
  • Unlimited permission sets for specific access/viewing
  • Integration with other clinical and ERP systems
  • Auto-authentication using AD network accounts

Conquer the problem without breaking the budget.

  • Secure data storage in Tier 3 CareTech Solutions data center
  • One location for all your data with easy, reliable and seamless access
  • Single-click access from your EMR/CIS
  • Comprehensive data back-up and disaster recovery, complying with all HIPAA requirements
  • Acceptance of multiple data formats
  • Conversion services
  • Data reorganization (i.e., creating directories) for ease of access
  • Fast extraction, conversion, and implementation process
  • Extensive HIM experience, so we understand users’ needs and how they access information
  • Free up physical space in your facility

Clear-cut, easy-to-determine pricing.

No surprises. You’ll know what to expect with iDoc Archive. The cost is a simple monthly service fee and is determined by:
  • Data type, amount, and conversions needed
  • A minimal amount of project time to make sure the data is organized to your specifications
  • Minor training time for access and retrieval

ONC HIT 2014 Edition modular electronic health record (EHR) certification.

iDoc version 5.5 is certified by ICSA Labs, an Office of the National Coordinator-Authorized Certification body (ONC-ACB) and compliant in accordance with applicable criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).