iDoc™ Business Solutions

If you are an accounting firm, a law office, an insurance company, or any business, iDoc™ has been designed specifically to manage the content that is most important to your bottom line and business needs. In other words, if you have a paper problem, we have a solution.

Accounting and Finance

  • iDoc can interface directly with your accounting system to link all corresponding information like invoice numbers, vendors, purchase order numbers, etc. with the documents being stored in iDoc
  • Ability to manage the A/P process electronically using workflow
  • Invoice is received and scanned in to iDoc
  • Automatic routing to the appropriate manager for approval
  • Manager electronically approves
  • Approved invoice gets returned or routed back for payment
  • Ability to streamline the processes for employee expenses, receipts, time cards, payroll, etc.

Human Resources

  • Ability to capture and store all employee files, hiring information, benefits information, evaluations, disciplinary actions, etc.
  • Allows HR staff to focus on their core responsibilities instead of filing paper
  • Record retention time frames can be defined easily in iDoc
  • Managers can be given permission to view their employee files quickly and securely

Customer Service

  • Customer service reps have the ability to view and manage customer documentation at their fingertips
  • iDoc increases productivity and customer satisfaction
  • iDoc allows customer service reps to handle customer questions quickly and efficiently using customized workflow

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