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CareTech Solutions Consulting Practice Completes Contract With Saginaw Cooperative Hospitals

Southfield, Mich. – June 13, 2001 – CareTech Solutions Consulting Practice completed a three-week contract with Saginaw Cooperative Hospitals, Inc. (SCHI).

The contract included an overall assessment of the current SCHI information technology (IT) systems, identification of current IT needs and a three-year information systems plan with cost projections.

“I was surprised how complete the assessment was for the short timeframe I gave the Consulting Practice to complete the assignment,” said Terry Lerash, President/Chief Executive Officer of SCHI. “The assessment was right on target with our business plan and objectives.”

Stephanie John, Director of Information Resources at SCHI agreed. “The information systems assessment was an appropriate balance between our needs for change in business practices and technology.”

According to Bill Emmons, Senior Healthcare Consultant at CareTech Solutions, SCHI obtained the assessment and needs analysis for the purpose of applying for a National Institute of Health grant. The National Institute of Health will determine if the grant is approved in September. If approved, SCHI plans to use the grant money to begin implementation of the Information Systems (IS) plan developed by CareTech Solutions.

“SCHI’s adoption of this IS plan will have a positive impact on SCHI’s ability to reach their business goals of financial, academic and clinical performance improvement,” Emmons stated.

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About Saginaw Cooperative Hospitals, Inc.
SCHI is a corporation that provides graduate and post-graduate medical education. SCHI affiliations include the College of Human Medicine of Michigan State University, Covenant Health Hospitals and St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

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