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CareTech Solutions Helps Blanchard Valley Health System Promote Better Patient Care and Improved Staff Productivity Through Technology


Healthcare Information Technology Services Provider Implements and Supports

Staff Communications Badges and the First Fully Interactive On-Demand

Internet and E-mail System in Ohio

TROY, Mich., September 24, 2007 – CareTech Solutions (CareTech), an information technology (IT) and health information management (HIM) services provider for hospitals and healthcare systems, announced today that it has helped Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) improve patient care and overall satisfaction by implementing and supporting the use of communications badges among nurses, as well as the first fully interactive on-demand Internet and e-mail system in Ohio.

“BVHS understands the value of partnerships in promoting the strategic use of technology to enable improvements in business and clinical performance,” said Jim Giordano, president and CEO of CareTech Solutions. “CareTech Solutions is proud to bring the benefits of wireless technology to medical staff, patients and their families at BVH, advancing the hospital’s strategic goal of improving the delivery and quality of patient care.”

Currently in the midst of implementing a campus-wide wireless network for Blanchard Valley Hospital, Findlay, CareTech has introduced the use of 100 wearable Vocera communications badges among nursing staff. Weighing less than two ounces each, the devices allow nurses to communicate directly with physicians wirelessly through voice recognition technology. At the request of BVH physicians, nurses using the badges can contact physicians through their cell phones, enabling improved productivity among nursing staff, and allowing nurses to spend more time at patients’ bedsides by eliminating the need to physically locate a specific physician. Following completion of BVH’s wireless network, nurses will be able to communicate with physicians in remote locations campus-wide.

CareTech Solutions has also enabled the hospital’s use of TeleHealth Services’ TigrNetTM patient education and entertainment system in all of its 142 patient rooms. Featuring a bedside keyboard, which attaches to a pillow speaker and operates through the hospital’s existing television system, TigrNetTM allows patients and their families access to a variety of information relevant to the patient stay including hospital services, patient rights and responsibilities, advance directives, health information and more, satisfying JCAHO requirements via a patient-education reporting and recording mechanism. Patients and their families can also take advantage of filtered Internet and e-mail, cable television, movies and video games, a source of worthwhile distraction from the patient’s medical issues and their resolution.

“CareTech Solutions’ implementation and support of communications badges and patient education and entertainment system at BVHS enables our doctors, nurses and medical staff to provide an entirely new level of care to patients and their families through technology,” said LeAnn Saltz, RN, System Administrator who assisted in the technology’s implementation. “From using a patient entertainment system to help a 10-year-old patient focus on a video game instead of his affliction, to using a communications badge to help a nurse quickly locate a doctor, patient care success stories are everywhere, and will only multiply in the future.”

CareTech Solutions’ installation of BVH’s communications badges and patient education/entertainment system was completed earlier this year. BVHS leadership is currently considering broadening the scope and use of Vocera by extending communications badges to additional medical support staff,

About Blanchard Valley Health System

Blanchard Valley Health System is the non-profit parent corporation of an integrated regional health system based in Findlay, a unique micropolitan community located in Northwest Ohio. Governed by a community board of trustees representing large and small business, education, law, medicine and finance, BVHS oversees all operations. Blanchard Valley Health System is one of the largest employers in the area with 2,100+ associates and serves an eight-county area, which includes Hancock, Allen, Putnam, Henry, Wood, Seneca, Wyandot, and Hardin Counties.

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CareTech Solutions, Inc., an information technology and health information services provider for hospitals and health systems, is committed to creating value for clients through customized, flexible solutions that contribute to improving patient care while lowering healthcare costs. From implementing emerging technologies to supporting day-to-day operations, CareTech offers clients expert services across the entire patient data lifecycle.

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