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CareTech Solutions, Inc. Announces IT Strategic Planning Service Offering

Southfield, Mich. – June 17, 2001 – CareTech Solutions, Inc. Consulting Practice added Information Technology (IT) Strategic Planning to its line of service offerings that also includes Business Process Redesign, Revenue Cycle Reduction, New System Evaluation and Selection, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Assessment, and Managed Care Services.

The Consulting Practice recently completed IT Strategic Planning activities for Northern Michigan Regional Health System in Petoskey, Michigan and Saginaw Cooperative Hospitals, Inc. (SCHI) in Saginaw, Michigan. This included an overall assessment of the current SCHI IT systems, identification of current IT needs and a three-year information systems plan with cost projections.

“I was surprised how complete the assessment was for the three weeks I gave the Consulting Practice to complete the assignment,” said Terry Lerash, President/Chief Executive Officer of SCHI. “The assessment was right on target with our business plan and objectives.”

CareTech Solutions utilized a five-step approach to IT Strategic Planning that addresses the business unit and organizational business objectives. This approach ensures that there is a clear understanding of what implementing complex IT projects entails, and that integrating IT decision-making into an organization’s overall business strategy enhances the enterprise’s mission to provide the best quality of care.

“For most healthcare executives, getting information technology into strategic planning is not the problem. The difficulty lies in creating an overall strategic plan that seamlessly incorporates business and IT goals,” said Bev Havens, Partner, Consulting Practice, CareTech Solutions. “Our consultants average 17 years of healthcare experience and combine their healthcare business knowledge with IT, and assist organizations in achieving their business objectives in conjunction with IT applications.”

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