From mitigating disruption to patient care, Command Centers are a worthy investment.

If your hospital fails to rise to the occasion during a critical implementation, it is prone to experience disruptions and changes that may significantly affect its ability to treat patients. This means lost revenues and disruption of patient care and services.

Command Center

Meeting healthcare challenges during disruptions and changing times.

We help you deliver patient-centered, quality healthcare even in the event of a large-scale emergency or go-live. CareTech’s Command Center works alongside your organization to mitigate any disruption and deliver excellent patient care. It serves as the epicenter for managing information and decision-making. Our mission is to:

  • Effectively communicate and receive information
  • Gather all the data you need and rapidly analyze it
  • Allocate resources and personnel, and ensure effective direction of the response operations
  • Leverage the existing call routing, support, infrastructure, and ITSM
  • Demonstrate adherence to “best practices” by documenting all information received and the steps taken to respond to an event

Next-gen Command Center scalable to handle any volume under any situation

CareTech Command Center’s skilled and experienced resources use the latest technologies and IT infrastructure to identify and resolve system-level issues in a timely manner for both unplanned and planned events like IT downtime or to address high-volume support needs during a major system launch or upgrade at your hospital.

As an onsite and offsite service offering, we deploy a team of Service Desk staff and leadership, establish a command center or integrate with your hospital’s command center, and work side-by-side for a specified period of time. Our team operates as a single point of support for physicians, clinicians, office staff, and all end users.

We ensure that your response to a crisis is well managed and effective.

As the epicenter for managing any emergency situation or crisis in your hospital, our Command Center – comprising Analysts, Incident Leads, SMEs, Epic Clinical Trainers, Quality Assurance Analysts, and Team Leads- quickly implements a crisis management framework that helps you navigate challenges effectively.

Our Command Center staff will support your organization every step of the way by quickly responding to the situation and getting your business operations back on track. We offer:

  • Documenting all incidents and requests within the ITSM
  • Delivering updates documented in the knowledge base to analysts and incident leads in real-time
  • Assisting in identifying critical events that could impact the patients/end users and escalating to the appropriate command center group
  • Monitoring ticket queue to verify that all issues are being handled appropriately (includes troubleshooting, documentation, and routing)
  • Leveraging existing call routing, support, infrastructure, and ITSM
  • Communicating and coordinating with L2 and L3 groups along with Command Center Leadership
  • Assessing impact, gathering required details, and categorizing
  • Resolving issues, password resets, and first-level resolution
  • Routing issues to appropriate resolver group in a timely manner

Why choose CareTech as your Command Center partner?

By choosing CareTech, you need not worry about managing a crisis or go-live in your healthcare organization. We integrate our Command Center services with everyday hospital processes to prevent disruption of patient care and services. CareTech’s Command Center can:

  • Provide 24x7x365 coverage
  • Increase First Contact Resolution
  • Attain lower abandon rate on calls
  • Achieve quicker average speed to answer
  • Enable smoother transition to operational support for Service Desk
  • Leverage best practice knowledge base customized for epic go-live and Command Center situations
  • Implement phone system and ITSM to provide higher quality metrics to leadership on call volumes and incidents