Company Overview

CareTech Solutions is a leader in information technology (IT) and end-user interface services for U.S. hospitals and health systems. We create value for clients through customized IT solutions that contribute to improving the patient experience while lowering healthcare costs. From implementing emerging technologies to supporting day-to-day IT operations, CareTech offers clients expert health information technology services earning it the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015/2016, and 2017 Best in KLAS award for IT Outsourcing (Extensive), and the 2012, 2013, 2015/2016, and 2017 IT Partial Outsourcing Award as ranked by healthcare executives and professionals in the respected annual “Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report. CareTech Solutions is a health IT subsidiary of HTC Global Services, a global provider of IT solutions and business process outsourcing services. Learn more about CareTech Solutions at


Reimagine technology to accelerate your business

This vision defines our aspiration, and what we want to be – an organization that delivers technology solutions and services and products to empower clients to manage the changing market dynamics quickly and intuitively.

We realize our vision following the three themes:

  • Reimagine Technology to Transform your Business
  • Bridge the Legacy Past to the Digital Future
  • Machines serving People

Performance Excellence In Healthcare IT™

CareTech Solutions strives to be the undisputed expert source for the 21st-century healthcare information technology services that help deliver better care and a better experience for patients, doctors, clinicians, administrators and the community.


Using innovative information technology solutions, we improve the patient experience at hospitals and healthcare systems.

Core Value Statement

We value integrity, in an environment of mutual trust and respect, including fairness, teamwork, tolerance, family, and community, in our process of providing added value to our clients. We value our clients and employees who are critical to our success. We especially appreciate our employees’ commitment to the Company, and in return, we seek to provide opportunities for them to develop. We require fair profitability for continued success, and we reward our employees accordingly. We seek to exceed client expectations while aspiring to a higher set of values than required by law.

Corporate Responsibility

Through thoughtful and purposeful industry leadership, CareTech Solutions is committed to being a relevant, essential part of the solution to the nation’s healthcare crisis by delivering information technology products and services that improve the patient care experience and save precious resources, while reducing the cost of care.

Ethics and Values: We are guided by ethics and our most deeply held values as illustrated in our Core Values Statement.

Workplace: We promote both opportunity and responsibility within CareTech Solutions, while maintaining high standards of fairness, diversity, collaboration and individual achievement.

Corporate Citizenship: CareTech Solutions is proud to support the philanthropic initiatives of the clients and communities it serves, both financially and through participation in various events. By supporting our hospital clients’ foundations, we contribute to the transformation of the nation’s hospitals through research, education and patient care programs – from cancer research to capital funding for cardiac care facilities.

Environmental Sustainability: From recycling programs throughout our facilities to energy-efficient management of our data center facilities, CareTech Solutions is committed to “going green” and our approach is naturally evolving as CareTech’s suite of health IT offerings promote process efficiency, enhanced productivity, energy savings and an overall paperless focus, helping our client hospitals reduce their environmental impact.


CareTech Solutions is committed to conducting its business in compliance not only with applicable law but with the highest ethical standards. In furtherance of that goal, CareTech has established a Compliance Hotline accessible by CareTech employees, vendors, and suppliers.

The Compliance Hotline at 1-800-836-1091 is a voicemail box to be used for reporting an actual or suspected violation of law or corporate policy by a CareTech Solutions employee, officer, director, agent, representative, or subcontractor. When you call, you will hear a recorded message asking you to leave a detailed account of the actual or suspected violation of law or corporate policy. It would be helpful to any subsequent investigation if you left contact information as part of your message, but you may leave the message anonymously. You will not speak to a live person. You will not be questioned about your report.

The CareTech Solutions Corporate Compliance Officer will, as appropriate, investigate all reports made through the Compliance Hotline and take such remedial action as may be required. NOTICE: The Compliance Hotline will record the number from which a call is made. If you do not wish the number so recorded, please press *67 before dialing.