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iDoc is a hosted document imaging management solution that produces measurable improvements in office efficiency and frees your physicians and staff to provide a better patient experience.

An enormous volume of paper medical records is a common problem for most hospitals with a long history of service in the community. CareTech Solutions’ iDoc Document Imaging solution brought Garden City Hospital’s HIM department into the 21st century.

Patient care was improved by resolving inefficiencies in getting the right information to doctors, nurses and other caregivers quickly. This was accomplished by eliminating delays in receiving reports from other departments, eliminating the need to retrieve multiple files from multiple locations and providing secure access anywhere throughout HMC’s Intranet network.

The hospital leadership had specific goals in mind when they purchased the iDoc Document Imaging System. The most clear-cut and obvious goal was to move from the old paper-based records system to a digital one – but in conjunction with that overall objective, there was also the need to reduce DNFB and improve workflow.

Walsh College needed a more efficient way to handle the ever-increasing load of paperwork and the documents that enter with students and follow them through their academic careers. With an extensive, paper-based records system. storage and access were prime problems. CareTech Solutions’ iDoc Document imaging System was a perfect fit.


Archive is a secure, cost-effective legacy decommissioning solution for sunset healthcare clinical and business systems. The iDoc™ Archive advantage: Lower costs, easy access, secure data, and the health IT experience of CareTech Solutions.

Is your historical patient data stored on outdated servers that can no longer be updated or supported?

All of your data in one place with easy, reliable, seamless access.

Legacy decommissioning is a major challenge in today’s healthcare IT environment. One way to help ensure a successful result is to take a balanced scorecard approach to evaluating your options.

Does your legacy decommissioning system for historical patient data offer this functionality?

When determining the cost of storing historical patient data, there are several factors to keep in mind.

Port Huron Hospital decided to implement CareTech Solutions’ iDoc™ Archive in May of 2013. A three-phase project plan was developed.

As hospitals switch to new electronic health systems to meet Meaningful Use requirements, one challenge inevitably arises: How best to store patient data from the systems no longer in active use?


Among the service industries, healthcare stands alone in its reluctance to adopt technologies such as document imaging and digital archiving that begin the weaning from legacy paper-based systems to electronic medical records. But making such a transition is a must.

The process of transitioning to a paperless office is as much a needed exercise in streamlining common workflow and business automation methods as it is applying a new technology to an old problem

A brief overview of how going paperless “shouldn’t make your head hurt.”

An explanation of the benefits of iDoc as a “hosted” solution, housed in CareTech Solutions’ secure Technology Center in Troy, Michigan.

The iDoc facts and features you need to know, at a glance.

The basic workstation technical requirements to run iDoc.

A detailed breakdown of iDoc’s features and specifications.

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