Capture. Store. Access. Manage.

A better way to handle information.​

The volume of clinical and business records just keeps growing. Going paperless and simplifying your paper-based and digital records landscape would help lower costs, increase productivity and reduce risk, but where do you start? We can help.

iDoc™ Content and Records Management

Business records keep growing and complicated, creating inexplicable chaos to manage documents. Digital landscape is invariably growing stronger and our seamless paperless solution will enable complete document management for all your business and clinical systems.


iDoc™ Archive

Is the expense of maintaining historical information on outdated systems goes beyond your budget? Discover iDoc Archive, a reliable and secured solution that decommission your legacy forays providing faster access to all your information.

A seamless solution for all your records

Get the speed and convenience of paperless quickly – without the need for hardware installations or IT support. iDoc™, a hosted solution, interfaces with all major business and clinical systems to transform your paper and existing electronic medical and business files into one central data repository that can be searched, retrieved, shared and edited on the fly.