COVID-19 – Respond and lead in the combat

Due to the current COVID-19 conditions, hospitals and health systems are under tremendous pressure on modifying their approaches to serve the patient population. This pressure is further increased with the need for the hospital staff to be working remotely, and also for the patient population to interact remotely with the hospital. It takes a great deal of effort to set up and operate the Telecommute and Telehealth services, quickly and efficiently.

Emergency IT Support Services

Extraordinary times. Extraordinary solutions.

As an award winning healthcare IT solutions company, CareTech is in the forefront to quickly assist our healthcare customers with the technology behind the Telecommute and Telehealth applications. Our services include providing an Emergency Command Center to help stabilize the technology platforms and applications, so that your organization can focus on caring for patients without worrying about disruptions to the medical services.

We are right here in Troy, Michigan, to assist you in providing our various managed services and technology solutions.

Caring for patients without worrying about disruptions.

As your healthcare organization fully commits to respond, combat and contain the COVID-19 pandemic, ramping up the necessary IT infrastructure and Telehealth applications, along with the collaborative software capabilities is a critical and urgent requirement! 

CareTech is here to help.