iDoc™ Healthcare Solutions

Since 2001, iDoc™ has consistently created bankable cost savings, more efficient operations, and shortened days in accounts receivable (A/R) for healthcare organizations, enabling them to optimize and improve their business in inspiring and highly effective ways.

Optimize Health Information Management

  • Improved HIM workflow
  • Increased productivity
  • On-line chart completion
  • Electronic signatures
  • Remote access capabilities allow charts to be completed anytime, anywhere
  • Multiple users can access the same record simultaneously
  • iDoc has proven results in HIM, specifically DNFB (Discharged Not Final Billed), incomplete/delinquent chart counts, and an overall reduction of department operational expenses

Optimize Human Resources

  • Ability to capture and store all employee files, hiring information, benefits information, evaluations, disciplinary actions, etc.
  • Allows HR staff to focus on their core responsibilities instead of filing paper
  • Record retention time frames can be defined easily in iDoc
  • Managers can be given permission to view their employee files quickly and securely
  • Optimize Accounts Payable and Procurement
  • Utilize workflow to improve Payroll department process

Optimize Patient Registration

  • Ability to view insurance and identification captured on previous visits
  • Ability to capture and store drivers’ licenses, insurance cards, physician orders, advanced directives, power of attorney documents, medication lists, etc.
  • Elimination of paper documents created during admission process
  • Elimination of paperwork to send to Patient Financial Services
  • Documents can be filed at the visit (account number) level, or at the medical record (global) level for ease of retrieval

Optimize Patient Financial Services

  • Ability to capture and store bills (both before and after bill scrubbing), EOBs (Explanation of Benefits), RAs (Remittance Advices), and all correspondence received from insurance carriers and patients
  • Faster more accurate bill generation
  • Faster claims/insurance voucher processing
  • Improved cash flow and collections
  • Reduced A/R days

Optimize Accounts Payable and Procurement

iDoc can interface directly with your A/P system (such as Lawson, PeopleSoft, etc.) to link all corresponding information like invoice numbers, vendors, purchase order numbers, etc. with the documents being stored in iDoc.
  • Ability to manage the A/P process electronically using workflow
  • Invoice is received and scanned in to iDoc
  • Automatic routing to the appropriate manager for approval
  • Manager electronically approves
  • Approved invoice gets returned or routed back for payment
  • Ability to capture shipping documentation such as packing slips, vendor contracts, requisitions, approvals, inventory logs, etc.

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