Simplify Healthcare Data Archiving with iDoc™

With CareTech’s iDoc™ Archive, it’s easy to decommission sunset or legacy systems and manage data consolidation without breaking your budget.

iDoc™ Archive is a non-proprietary, flexible healthcare data archive solution that provides a platform that preserves and consolidates all of your critical electronic records into a secure and globally accessible archive. Multiple data sources consolidated within a single iDoc™ Archive platform for easy and intuitive management. Migrating and or converting generated report data, documentation files and image-based files is safe, and effective using iDoc™. 


Data conversion and migration

Patient chart conversions into
a simple record view for easy access

Read-only web-based access

Simplified search and view
within a browser

Intuitive UI tools & functionality

Quick & Easy access for
clinical staff

Access restriction and tracking

Detailed permissions and role-based
access per user

Integration with EMR

Historical patient chart links from
with your EMR

Automated retention and purging

Configurable retention rules
for automatic record purging

Reasons to consider
iDoc Archive
  • One Archive database for all your healthcare legacy data
  • Secure storage and DR in Tier 3, AHA-endorsed CareTech Solutions data center
  • Data consolidation & re-organization for ease of access
  • Conversion and acceptance of multiple data formats
  • Built-in retention and purging
  • Access restriction and tracking
Success Story

Legacy Decommissioning at Port Huron (Mich.) Hospital

Port Huron Hospital turned to CareTech Solutions as a partner in this effort to affordably provide the secure and easy access needed for effective and efficient patient care. Read More

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