iDoc™ Higher Education Solutions

Access the records you need, when you need them. iDoc™ document management provides quick and easy access to student records. iDoc gives you secure electronic access from any computer connected to the Internet and is being used by higher education organizations to drastically reduce time, costs, and productivity loss across many departments on campus.

Student Records

At the heart of iDoc’s success in document imaging and management is our phased implementation philosophy. Users are more willing to accept a new technology, and generally have much more success using that technology when eased into the new system rather than having their world (i.e., comfort level) turned upside down!
  • Ability to capture all student records electronically including add/drop forms, report cards, evaluation forms, housing request forms, graduation forms, etc.
  • iDoc can interface with your Student Information System to ensure that student demographics are always up to date
  • Add/Drops, grade changes, student evaluations, housing requests, and graduation processing can be streamlined using customized workflow
  • Students can be get permission to view their files quickly and securely
  • Improved communication within the Registrar’s Office
  • Electronic signatures and approvals

Human Resources

  • Ability to capture and store all employee files, hiring information, benefits information, evaluations, disciplinary actions, etc.
  • Allows HR staff to focus on their core responsibilities instead of filing paper
  • Record retention time frames can be defined easily in iDoc
  • Managers can be given permission to view their employee files quickly and securely
  • Utilize workflow to improve Payroll department process

Financial Aid

  • Ability to capture all financial aid information electronically including applications, bank statements, tax information, acceptance and rejection letters, etc.
  • Streamlined acceptance and rejection process using customized workflow
  • Improved satisfaction by providing answers to requests quickly and efficiently

Accounts Payable and Procurement

  • Ability to manage the A/P process electronically using workflow
  • Invoice is received and scanned in to iDoc
  • Automatic routing to the appropriate manager for approval
  • Manager electronically approves
  • Approved invoice gets returned or routed back to get paid
  • Ability to capture shipping documentation such as packing slips, vendor contracts, requisitions, approvals, inventory logs, etc.


  • Ability to capture all student documentation electronically including applications, transcripts, test scores, evaluations, recommendation letters, etc.
  • Multiple users can access the same record simultaneously, so Admissions can view a record while Financial Aid is working with the same record
  • Utilizing workflow in the acceptance and rejection process can produce quicker results and increase the satisfaction of your applicants


  • Ability to capture all donor documentation electronically including pledges, checks, tax information, donor correspondence, etc.
  • iDoc allows for quick and easy tracking of gifts and donations
  • iDoc can interface with your donor management system to keep donor demographics up to date and aid in timely donor responses