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How well are you prepared for a Disaster?

DR and BCP address what should happen before, during and after a disaster. This session will help you prepare for and manage the unexpected, allowing your staff to quickly get back to providing care without any compromises.

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Cyberattacks Have No Lockdown

Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data is a key concern in the healthcare industry. In this webinar, you will learn what constitutes a modern security program and how to secure your IT ecosystem with a two-pronged security approach.

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Advance telehealth with a roadmap to success

Read this white paper to know in detail how CareTech’s Telehealth Maturity Model can help you evaluate the maturity of your existing telehealth program with its two-axis approach and provide a clear roadmap to success. Read More

IT Outsourcing

Company Overview

We’re not just an IT services company that decided to get into healthcare. We’re a healthcare company that specializes in IT. Read More

10 Ways to Maximize Your Information Technology Assets

What does it take for a healthcare organization to successfully transition into today’s complex, fully electronic environment? Strong asset management is the key. Read More

Integration and Interoperability Services

Because you don’t have a “Rosetta Stone” for your data, our integration and interoperability services exist. Read More

Application Support and Managed Services

A partnership with our Application Development and Managed Services gives your hospital or health system access to a wealth of industry-leading technical expertise without the need for lengthy training, recruiting or rehiring periods. Read More

A Health Service Organization’s Successful IT Infrastructure Transformation Journey

As a not-for-profit health services organization based in Maryland looks to the future to implement processes based on their technology road map, it has identified that CareTech Solutions can help with long-term goals by helping to continue to look for cost savings through Provisioning, Service Desk Operations and System Integrations.Read More

HIT Innovations and Transformation for a Non-Profit Healthcare Organization in Los Angeles
With a capped budget and a requirement to support the hospital’s planned timeframe for opening, the Chief Information and Innovation Officer (CIIO) developed a strategy to build a hospital of the future. Here’s how.Read More

Data Center

A Michigan-Based Healthcare Provider Trusts CareTech for Its MEDITECH Hosting Needs

Ensures that its mission-critical applications are “Always On, Always Available, and Always Secure.”Read More

Digital Transformation Cloud Services

Secure and compliant data center hosting and managed services to protect the integrity of your data. Read More

Optimizing the Hospital Data Center

As hospitals IT leaders adapt to changing reimbursement and value-based care models, many are choosing to outsource some or all of their IT environments. Partnering with a full service solutions provider allows them to optimize data center performance and improve efficiency, flexibility, care quality and reduce costs. Read More

An IT Disaster Recovery Success Story

A leading integrated healthcare delivery system joined with CareTech to deploy system replication for their user environment including their onsite Cerner systems (supporting RHO) and interface engine, the Meditech Laboratory/Radiology/Billing/ADT system, PACS, and the support systems behind those applications.Read More

Service Desk

The Service Desk That Boosted End User Satisfaction

A leading healthcare delivery system resolves 90% of issues on the first call and achieves end user satisfaction rating of 94%+ with CareTech. Read More

Smart and Integrated Service Desk Support for Patient Care Excellence

A leading healthcare delivery network achieves Service Desk end user support satisfaction rating of 95%+ with CareTech.Read More

Improving End User Experience with High-Value Field Support Services

CareTech helps a leading medical services provider to serve their end users faster.Read More

Clinical Service Desk

See how CareTech Solutions’ Service Desk is much more than a traditional hospital help desk. Read More

5 Advantages to Using Courion Password Reset on Your Hospital Help Desk

Simple password reset requests are the most common calls to any hospital help desk, often averaging 20-30% of all calls. They can tie up analysts who could be resolving more complicated issues. Read More

5 Ways Physicians Benefit from “Fast Track” Support

When a physician calls CareTech Solutions’ Service Desk, it’s always urgent. It may be a life-or-death matter, or the busy physician is simply pressed for time. Read More

Patient Portal Services

Are you unable to keep up with the volume of Service Desk calls because of routine patient portal inquiries? Is your hospital staff busy answering simple questions that distract from more critical calls? Read More

4 Top Reasons to Consider CRS – Change Request System

Facing unauthorized changes? Unplanned downtimes? 24/7/365 availability of IT services is essential in today’s healthcare IT environment. Read More

IT Monitoring

IT Performance Monitoring

A remote, integrated monitoring service designed and built exclusively to support hospital information technology systems 24/7/365. Reduce unscheduled downtime and stay ahead of issues that impact the patient experience. Read More

4 Essentials for Secure Hospital Account Provisioning

Clearances and access rights of employees remain points of vulnerability for the security of any healthcare organization. Read More

6 Critical Hospital Functions Monitored 24/7/365

As the modern healthcare organization becomes more and more dependent on its complex electronic systems, it cannot afford a failure in any area. Read More

6 Top Benefits to a CIO of Pulse IT Monitoring Service

Trying to stay ahead of performance issues that impact service delivery while running an IT environment that users can have confidence in? CareTech Solutions’ Pulse IT Monitoring Service can help you give users a reliable and predictable IT experience all day – every day. Read More

Disaster Recovery

Secured Healthcare Disaster Recovery

The Secured Healthcare Recovery Cloud offers the peace of mind of knowing that all of your data is safely secured along with full redundancy to lower your recovery times. Read More

Disaster Recovery: Slashing Downtime from 24 Hours to 24 Minutes

Backed by CareTech Solutions, a not-for-profit healthcare organization serving communities in Wayne County has transformed its disaster recovery plan, and the change is a dramatic one – a reduction of recovery time from one day to less than half an hour. Here’s how. Read More

Disaster Recovery Services for A Leading Integrated Healthcare Delivery System

The integrated healthcare delivery system and CareTech came together to brainstorm a solution that would ensure the replication creates a consistent copy of the database at a regular interval. Read More

IT Advisory Services

Security, Risk Assessment & Compliance

CareTech’s information security professionals employ a comprehensive, risk-based approach towards each assessment, examining your hospital’s policies against industry best practices and all HIPAA and EHR Incentive Program compliance issues. Read More

  • Resources Web Products
  • Web Advisory Services
  • BoardNet

Resources Web Products

Web Products and Services Overview

Your hospital website: creating experiences that connect patients, physicians and the community. Read More

Custom and Mobile Application Development Overview

Our experts will help you to assess your current clinical needs and business requirements, and come up with working application solutions. Read More

CareTech CMS

The best hospital Web solution is one that frees you to carry out your primary responsibility: optimal patient care and safety, while delivering superior services. And that means a user-friendly content management system like CareTech. Read More

CareTech CMS Module Guide

Turn your hospital website into a high-performing, interactive channel with CareTech CMS modules. Read More

CareTech CMS Appointment Request Module

Physicians and departments can accept requests for appointments 24/7. Read More

CareTech CMS Bill Pay Module

Patients can securely submit payment and view detailed account information. Read More

CareTech CMS Blogs Module

Authors can self-publish content, administrators can moderate comments, and users can provide feedback. Read More

CareTech CMS Class Registration Module

Facilitate online registration, credit card payments and scheduled reminders for classes and events. Read More

CareTech CMS Directory Builder Module

Create and support multiple types of data collections. Read More

CareTech CMS Donations Module

Enables hospital foundations to accept secure online contributions. Read More

CareTech CMS E-Greetings Module

Friends and family can send greeting cards to patients through the organization’s website. Read More

CareTech CMS ER Wait Time Module

Displays estimated duration of patients’ ER wait on hospital website, mobile devices, and more. Read More

CareTech CMS Find-a-Physician Module

Displays physician groups, specialty, location, biography, video, photos, logos, awards, and custom fields. Read More

CareTech CMS Form Builder Module

Administrators can build forms, surveys, and polls with a user-friendly interface. Read More

CareTech CMS Media Gallery Module

Enables hospital foundations to accept secure online contributions. Read More

CareTech CMS Newsletter Module

Create subscription-based newsletters for staff, patients, donors, and more! Read More

CareTech CMS Policies Module

Document repository to store, organize and distribute hospital policy documents. Read More

CareTech CMS Pre-Registration Module

Patients can conveniently pre-register for scheduled appointments online, reducing their wait time. Read More

CareTech CMS Service Finder Module

Enables patients to quickly find locations that offer the services they need. Read More

CareTech CMS Video Library Module

Showcase audio and video files in a YouTube™ type format. Read More

CareTech wins Gold at 2019 Digital Health Awards

CareTech CMS wins BIG in the Website Portal and Content Management System category. Read More

Web Advisory Services

Information Architecture Services

The ever-changing world of technology makes consumers expect certain levels of interaction and service across all industries. Read More

SEO Advisory Services

Your website is a key component of your digital strategy. Improving your website’s visibility brings in more visitors and improves growth. How do you know that your website is correct from an SEO standpoint? Read More


BoardNet Demo

Video: Watch a demo for BoardNet, the virtual online boardroom. Read More

BoardNet Overview

BoardNet is a secure, Web-based portal application that combines content management, document management and collaborative portal tools into one easy-to-use solution for hospital boards and committees. Read More

BoardNet: Your Online Boardroom

Get instant access to board materials online anytime … anywhere. Read More

  • Document Imaging and Management
  • Archive Data
  • Information

Document Imaging and Management

iDoc Contents and Records Management

iDoc is a hosted document imaging management solution that produces measurable improvements in office efficiency and frees your physicians and staff to provide a better patient experience. Read More

A 70+ Years Old Teaching Hospital: iDoc™ Document Imaging

An enormous volume of paper medical records is a common problem for most hospitals with a long history of service in the community. CareTech Solutions’ iDoc Document Imaging solution brought a 70+ years old Teaching Hospital’s HIM department into the 21st century. Read More

A Leading Public Non-Profit Teaching Hospital: iDoc Implementation

Patient care was improved by resolving inefficiencies in getting the right information to doctors, nurses and other caregivers quickly. This was accomplished by eliminating delays in receiving reports from other departments, eliminating the need to retrieve multiple files from multiple locations and providing secure access anywhere throughout the hospital’s intranet network. Read More

A Petoskey-based Hospital: iDoc

The hospital leadership had specific goals in mind when they purchased the iDoc Document Imaging System. The most clear-cut and obvious goal was to move from the old paper-based records system to a digital one – but in conjunction with that overall objective, there was also the need to reduce DNFB and improve workflow. Read More

A Private Educational Institution in Troy: Document Imaging in Higher Education

The educational institution needed a more efficient way to handle the ever-increasing load of paperwork and the documents that enter with students and follow them through their academic careers. With an extensive, paper-based records system. storage and access were prime problems. CareTech Solutions’ iDoc Document imaging System was a perfect fit. Read More

Archive Data

iDoc™ Archive for Legacy Decommissioning

Archive is a secure, cost-effective legacy decommissioning solution for sunset healthcare clinical and business systems. The iDoc™ Archive advantage: Lower costs, easy access, secure data, and the health IT experience of CareTech Solutions. Read More

Start with a Self-Assessment

Is your historical patient data stored on outdated servers that can no longer be updated or supported? Read More

10 Reasons to Consider iDoc™ Archive

All of your data in one place with easy, reliable, seamless access. Read More

Balanced Scorecard: 5 Keys to Success

Legacy decommissioning is a major challenge in today’s healthcare IT environment. One way to help ensure a successful result is to take a balanced scorecard approach to evaluating your options. Read More

7 Questions to Ask Data Storage Vendors

Does your legacy decommissioning system for historical patient data offer this functionality? Read More

Five Cost Factors to Consider

When determining the cost of storing historical patient data, there are several factors to keep in mind. Read More



10 Economic Reasons for Hosted Document Imaging Solutions in Healthcare

Among the service industries, healthcare stands alone in its reluctance to adopt technologies such as document imaging and digital archiving that begin the weaning from legacy paper-based systems to electronic medical records. But making such a transition is a must. Read More

Document Imaging Has Never Been Easier

A brief overview of how going paperless “shouldn’t make your head hurt.” Read More

iDoc Fast Facts

The iDoc facts and features you need to know, at a glance. Read More

iDoc Minimum PC Requirements

The basic workstation technical requirements to run iDoc. Read More

iDoc Product Spec Sheet

A detailed breakdown of iDoc’s features and specifications. Read More