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MU: Get Local! 05/11/2011

 May 2011 
Get Local!  
Need to learn more about what’s happening with health information technology in your state?  

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework focuses on developing a risk management process and guides healthcare and other organizations through a five-step process, as well as providing a needed set of security functions (i.e., activities and outcomes). These functions are further broken down into categories, subcategories and informative references. In the end, the Framework outlines a comprehensive set of cybersecurity controls and an approach to organizational cybersecurity risk management.

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) has launched a new State Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) Dashboard. The tool is cited as the premier resource of today’s healthcare Information Technology initiatives around the United States. The dashboard provides an easy-to-read visual interface, tracking key initiatives including Regional Extension Centers, Health Information Exchanges, and state-specific legislation information. The tool also displays local HIMSS chapters and HIMSS Davies Award recipients.
The screen print below shows the state-specific information for Florida.  

Figure 2 –
Drill down by geographic area
The mapping process allows you to drill down into geographic-specific regions to identify resources such as local HIEs or RECs.

The drill-down will also link to state-specific legislation information as well as where to access additional information. 
Click the link to go to the dashboard
Specific items that can be located on the dashboard are:

  • State Resources: A single repository of state-specific health information, state organizations and state-related resources.
  • Regional Extension Centers: Name and amount-awarded information about the Regional Extension Centers.
  • Health Information Exchanges: Name, location and details of self-reporting health information exchange organizations including state-designated entities.
  • State Legislation Tracking: Description and reference information on pending state legislation.
  • HIMSS Chapter Information: Links and locations of HIMSS chapters.
  • Davies Award Recipients: Name, organizational description and affiliated news releases of Davies Award recipients.
In a time of information overload and sometimes a drought of different HIT topics, this resource appears to be an easy-to-use dashboard to let you access state-level information in a single repository.
“In a time of information overload, this resource appears to be an easy-to-use dashboard to let you access state-level information in a single repository.”
Paula Gwyn
Strategic Planning
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