iDoc™ Professional Services

Get the support you need! The best document management solution comes with exceptional professional services for each and every customer.

Implementation and Training

At the heart of iDoc’s success in document imaging and management is our phased implementation philosophy. Users are more willing to accept a new technology, and generally have much more success using that technology when eased into the new system rather than having their world (i.e., comfort level) turned upside down!
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • We’ll work with you each step of the way to make sure your users are getting the most out of iDoc
  • We offer process evaluations and improvements
  • Lower implementation costs
  • You will recognize the return on investment much sooner with our phased implementation and training approach
  • The risks associated with “big bang” implementations are eliminated

Utilize our in-house scan center

The iDoc Scan Center is located in our corporate headquarters building in Troy, Michigan. The Scan Center is managed by skilled, experienced managers that have significant experience with production scanning and with iDoc.
  • Access to the Scan Center is secured by biometric technology, and only to those employees with appropriate authorization
  • For each scanning project, we work with you to establish the schedule and timing of the project
  • Our highly trained staff will assure that your documents are handled appropriately and securely
  • We have several layers of quality assurance built into our scanning process to ensure that your electronic documents are uploaded into iDoc quickly and effectively
  • We provide several options for transportation of your documents and destruction of your documents once the scanning project is complete

Rest assured that you will receive expert trainers.

We will assign the right training staff to meet your needs, and we embrace the train-the-trainer methodology. We want to partner in your success every step of the way, and that starts on Day 1.
  • We will educate and work with your the staff on procedures such as document prep and scanning
  • We train all staff members on electronically accessing and completing tasks
  • Our highly specialized trainers have the skills necessary to ensure a positive experience for all iDoc users

Comprehensive Support, 24x7x365

Our unique help desk supports your day-to-day document management operations. As part of our commitment to your ongoing success, our highly trained staff is always available, and you can rest assured that your questions will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
  • Our professional support analysts are trained for rapid, efficient and accurate response to every query
  • Service-level tracking ensures that you receive the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Automated incident notification and escalation management
  • We provide expertise in all types of operating platforms, software solutions, and desktop systems

Scanning Services

If you have a large amount of archived documents that you access frequently and/or use store off-site, we can provide scanning services to capture those documents and get them into iDoc so you can quickly and efficiently access them along with your current documentation.

Examine the phased implementation approach using healthcare as our sample:

  • Phase I – Archival and Retrieval
  • Demographic feed turned on from your information system to create a unique patient record
  • Evaluate & determine available data and documents types
  • Begin scanning documents
  • Phase II – Scanning at Discharge
  • Implement workflow with documents and record types
  • Implement online chart completion for physicians
  • Determine future phases with additional clinical interfaces (labs, radiology, etc.) and other paper-based departments that could benefit from implementing iDoc