Accelerate your RPA Journey. There is no better time than now.

Today, healthcare workers face more pressure than ever. Patients, however, are time-starved, and expect quick information and seamless experiences throughout their healthcare journey. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help.

Robotic Process Automation

Explore process automation. Achieve a quantum leap in the delivery of healthcare.

Achieve a quantum leap in the delivery of healthcare by deploying highly secure, scalable and reliable robotic digital solutions. With bots, healthcare systems can:

  • Remove repetitive tasks – From appointment scheduling, updating EHR, claims management to accounts settlement, free your resources from burdensome routine tasks.
  • Improve patient engagements –Deliver an exceptional experience to patients throughout their healthcare journey — from admission to post discharge.
  • Reduce compliance risk – Ensure that all process steps are tracked, documented and error-free, and proactively stay audit-ready.
  • Harness healthcare data – Tap into different data sources and harness insights to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

CareTech - Your Process Automation Partner

With CareTech, leverage your use of RPA technology with faster implementation and unparalleled customer support. Our robust RPA solutions and services help you free clinical staff from repetitive administrative tasks, reduce errors, and save costs. Having expertise in leading RPA platforms including Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Blue Prism, we can deliver the best solution that significantly increases the productivity of your healthcare team. They can now focus on improving healthcare outcomes and patient experiences.

CareTech’s RPA Services

Automation isn’t new to healthcare. CareTech’s consultants can help you leverage RPA technology and explore new avenues for overcoming the business challenges your healthcare organization faces today. Combined with Intelligent Process Automation technologies, we can help you lead the way in eliminating waste and changing experiences for both healthcare professionals and patients. We offer:


Assessment and Planning

  • RPA current state analysis
  • Use case discovery and prioritization
  • Roadmap and recommendations
  • Tools – Recommendation and selection


  • Solution and design
  • Workflow configuration
  • Integration
  • Testing and deployment


  • Center of Excellence
  • Training existing resources
  • Bots management and maintenance  

Our wide range of automation capabilities

Task Automation

Application Automation

Data Automation

Process Automation

Enterprise Automation

Let your powerful digital workforce work 24/7 and more effectively

Using RPA technology and tools, we can help you configure software, or ‘bots’ that act as your powerful digital workforce by efficiently performing the task you assign and control. The best part is that these bots automate processes at a fraction of the cost and time previously required. Also, due to their code-free, non-invasive and easy-to-deploy nature, you can quickly advance in your RPA journey by leveraging your existing infrastructure without disturbing its core systems.