Everything you need to manage your end users' support needs.

Service Desk

Fix problems quickly and improve customer satisfaction.

CareTech Solutions treats every call with critical care. Our trained and certified Service Desk professionals bring a vital understanding of physicians’ critical needs as they transition to the EMR environment. Your doctors will get fast answers and the remote hands-on assistance they need – day or night – so they can quickly return to patient care.

The most comprehensive set of end user support solutions.

Satisfy the increasing needs and expectations of your hospital’s IT users with Service Desk’s advanced features that go well beyond incident management and break-fix. Capabilities designed to handle everything from technology provisioning to complex problem-solving make it possible for you to deliver an advanced support environment that satisfies users and helps your hospital realize the benefits and full value of its IT investment.

Patient portal support that works for everyone.

Trying to predict patient call volumes and staff your help desk to give patients the IT support they need is no easy job. Let CareTech Solutions’ Service Desk handle your patient portal calls – day or night. It is the efficient, patient-friendly, and cost-effective way to help ensure your patient engagement efforts pay off for your patients, your hospital, and you.

Looking at options to improve end user support?

Inefficient support models can cause a lot of problems. Poor customer experience and low user satisfaction can lead to unmet quality and patient care objectives. Misallocation of IT resources that leaves costly application experts filling Level 1 requests can mean that the project work suffers. And in the end, your direct and indirect costs can go up. We can help you get ahead and stay ahead of these challenges.

Service Desk Nights and Weekends

CareTech Solutions’ Service Desk expertly handles healthcare IT issues – during the day, at night, and on weekends. If you only need nights and weekend IT support and currently manage more than 500 calls a month, let’s talk.

Case Studies

The Service Desk That Boosted End User Satisfaction

A leading healthcare delivery system resolves 90% of issues on the first call and achieves end user satisfaction rating of 94%+ with CareTech

Smart and Integrated Service Desk Support for Patient Care Excellence

A leading healthcare delivery network achieves Service Desk end user support satisfaction rating of 95%+ with CareTech.

CareTech’s Service Desk Services and Data Center Hosting Services held the distinction of having earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association (AHA) for more than 10 years until 2019.


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