Increase healthcare access through Telehealth


Explore, identify, and drive your Telehealth capabilities to the next level

Basic telehealth services technologies can be easily and quickly started, but need careful planning and implementation to mature as a fully integrated service in your delivery of patient care. Embracing collaborative telehealth technologies helps you not only tackle the current challenging pandemic situations but also advance care delivery for the digital future. However, to fully incorporate telehealth and achieve the desired results, you need to:

  • Establish a consumer-driven telehealth strategy incorporating service delivery, clinical goals, and technology.
  • Understand cybersecurity and regulatory compliance needs.
  • Build a robust telehealth platform leveraging commercial services, infrastructure, and operations.

You need experts. We can help.

CareTech – Your Telehealth partner for now and the future

With CareTech as an end-to-end telehealth partner, evaluate and expand your capabilities to the next level. Adhere to fundamental changes in regulatory and reimbursement models that encourage the growth and spread of telehealth not just during the current crisis but for years to come. We will help you expand your horizons, and deliver high-quality care through secure and reliable telehealth capabilities.

CareTech’s Telehealth Services

In the new normal, telehealth is an integral part of mainstream patient care, and no longer a bolt-on service. CareTech’s consultants can help you leverage telehealth technologies and enable you to reimagine patient experience and clinical coordination. Our telehealth solutions include evaluating current capabilities, defining the future roadmap, and providing services to overcome technical challenges.
  • Technical Strategy and Architecture Planning – Establishing a practical roadmap and designing a secure, scalable, and highly available environment for your clinicians and patients. Choosing the right technology and approach for the unique needs of the individual specialties of hospitals and primary care.
  • Cybersecurity and Risk Management – Addressing the regulatory and technical risks inherent in delivering virtual care.
  • Network Design and Configuration – Developing infrastructure with appropriate bandwidth and performance to support high-definition audio and videos.
  • Field Deployment – Rapidly expanding your provider network with a dedicated team of implementation specialists.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions - Packaging, deploying and providing data sync for 24*7 support services.
  • Asset Tracking, End-Point Configuration, and Logistics – Ensuring equipment is configured accurately, shipped, and tracked against grants.
  • Patient Preparation Calls – Supporting patient assistance prior to a telehealth encounter to ensure an effective and quality experience.
  • Telehealth Clinical Workflow Support – Benefiting from a 24x7 clinical service desk specializing in supporting EMR, patient portal, and clinical workflows.
  • Technology Monitoring and Remote Administration – Maintaining and administering telehealth infrastructure so you can focus on clinical outcomes.
  • EMR Interface Development– Incorporating encounter notes from external telehealth platforms into your patient records.
  • Web and Mobile App Development – Helping you drive patient adoption and brand recognition through developing your telehealth presence.

The Telehealth adoption in the new normal

Telehealth has historically faced challenges of provider and patient adoption, reimbursement models, and regulatory restrictions. In responding to the current pandemic, many of these barriers have been temporarily, and most likely, permanently removed changing the future landscape for connected care. As adoption continues to grow, patients and providers will begin to view the convenience of quick, video-enabled consultations as an additional channel of healthcare delivery rather than an alternative to the traditional in-person visit. Telehealth finds great use in serving the elderly population, without the need for expensive and risky transportation issues. There is no better time than now to adopt telehealth. We are here to help you on your journey, let’s talk.

White Paper

Advance telehealth with a roadmap to success

Read this white paper to know in detail how CareTech’s Telehealth Maturity Model can help you evaluate the maturity of your existing telehealth program with its two-axis approach and provide a clear roadmap to success.