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Your hospital website: creating experiences that connect patients, physicians and the community.

Our experts will help you to assess your current clinical needs and business requirements, and come up with working application solutions

The best hospital Web solution is one that frees you to carry out your primary responsibility: optimal patient care and safety, while delivering superior services. And that means a user-friendly content management system like CareTech.

Turn your hospital website into a high-performing, interactive channel with CareTech CMS modules.

Physicians and departments can accept requests for appointments 24/7.

Patients can securely submit payment and view detailed account information.

Authors can self-publish content, administrators can moderate comments, and users can provide feedback.

Facilitate online registration, credit card payments and scheduled reminders for classes and events.

Create and support multiple types of data collections.

Enables hospital foundations to accept secure online contributions.

Friends and family can send greeting cards to patients through the organization’s website.

Displays estimated duration of patients’ ER wait on hospital website, mobile devices, and more.

Event management system that lets administrators post and edit events in calendar view or list format.

Displays physician groups, specialty, location, biography, video, photos, logos, awards, and custom fields.

Administrators can build forms, surveys, and polls with a user-friendly interface.

Enables hospital foundations to accept secure online contributions.

Create subscription-based newsletters for staff, patients, donors, and more!

Document repository to store, organize and distribute hospital policy documents.

Patients can conveniently pre-register for scheduled appointments online, reducing their wait time.

Enables patients to quickly find locations that offer the services they need.

Showcase audio and video files in a YouTube™ type format.

More people are now accessing the Internet with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets than with desktop computers. And many of them will be searching for healthcare information and contacting hospitals for services. The trick becomes managing Web content in a way that users will have a satisfying experience no matter what type of device they use for access.

Broward Health realized that an upgrade to their old system was necessary. The CareTech Solutions Web Team led Broward Health through a complete site redesign and implemented the new content management system with its modules.

Since consumers in each generation have unique values, traits, and attitudes that guide their search for healthcare services, understanding how the different groups consume content that influences their decisions is critical for healthcare organizations.

Having an effective Web presence is critically important for a hospital or healthcare organization, but how should that presence appear for a brand with more than one location? Is it a good idea for a brand with multiple locations or offerings to consolidate efforts?

This connectivity has provided greater access to data, improved efficiencies and given us the ability to interact with the rest of the world on a scale never imagined. It’s also left us with myriad security questions to accompany it.

When MetroHealth decided to redesign their website to expand their reach throughout the area, they turned to CareTech’s Web team for innovative design and construction and to Peak Positions, CareTech’s SEO partner, for a state-of-the-art effort.

Up to 90% percent of all new visitors come to a site through a search engine. So when Oakwood Healthcare System set out to attract new patients – and retain/recapture previous ones – an effective search strategy was essential.

An enterprise’s website is the public face of the organization, presenting its products or services and increasingly providing a convenient way for users to transact business. Yet it also provides a “window of vulnerability” for sophisticated intruders into the inner workings – and the very infrastructure – of an organization. Healthcare organizations are particularly vulnerable.

Video: Watch a demo for BoardNet, the virtual online boardroom.

BoardNet is a secure, Web-based portal application that combines content management, document management and collaborative portal tools into one easy-to-use solution for hospital boards and committees.

Get instant access to board materials online anytime … anywhere.